Above All Else, Learning and Playing Music Is and Should Be Fun

young boy and old man playing flutes

Sue has taught flute lessons for almost 35 years.  Her specialty is teaching personalized flute lessons tailored to the student’s needs and goals. She also teaches to the individual student’s learning style, whether visual, aural, or tactile.

She encourages students to choose their learning material, so they can understand the connectedness of all music, regardless of era or genre.

Sue teaches all levels of music ability, from the basics to advanced techniques. Helping the student develop technical skill, classical technique and music theory.  She has taught music to all ages from pre-school (using the Orff method) to mature flute students, and welcome all to her studio.

Lessons take place during the day starting at 10:00 am. Cost is dependent on frequency and length of the lesson. Flexibility in scheduling is available.

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